Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our "fast" trip to Savannah, Georgia, Sept. 12 to Sept. 14, 2008

Dad was asked to attend this AVA conference to be the Gala Honorary Chairperson at the close of the conference. When he mentioned going, I asked him why he was planning to attend. I asked if he were going to give a talk or whatever. He said, "Oh, I'm just going to let the nurses fondle over me." I thought he was kidding!
We left early Friday morning and flew to Dulles airport where we waited a couple of hours and then flew to Savannah on a smaller plane. We arrived at the hotel around 6:30 P.M. their time. We were invited to go to dinner, but declined. Our hotel was very nice as long as we stayed indoors. The temprature outside was hot and humid!! We ate some soup and a sandwhich in the lounge and tried to get some sleep.
On Saturday dad attended one of the lectures then we met Doctor Broviac and his two married daughters and went to lunch across the river from the hotel. We learned that Doctor Broviac was also invited to be an honorary chairperson. We had a very nice lunch and visit. We returned to the hotel, changed our clothes and went to the Convention Center to attend the "gala".
We arrived around 5 o'clock and discovered that we were in a small room for cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. We got ourselves a coke and then the fondling began. These attendees were all involved in vascular access. They all wanted to introduce themselves to Dad and thank him for the "Hickman Catheter". They all had different stories; and many, many of them wanted their picture with Dad. They even included me in many of the photos.
From this room, we then went to the ballroom where there were many, many more nurses who wanted to shake Dad's hand and tell him their stories and have a picture taken with him. This continued for about four hours, then the ladies who preside over the association talked. We then watched a video about the association and then Doctor Broviac and Dad talked. They both received standing ovations!!
We finally got back to our room, took off our shoes, and read for a while. We tried to sleep, but our poor bodies were so mixed up they wouldn't cooperate. We made it through the night until 5 o'clock A.M. We then got dressed, caught a taxi to the airport and flew to Chicago, O'Hare. We waited there for about an hour then caught our flight to return to Seattle.
We're home, we've read the paper about BYU crushing UCLA and also about the Huskies getting slaughtered. We've unpacked, taken the garbage out, and received instructions about how to write in a blog. We're very, very happy to be home!!
I hope this works!!!!


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YAY Grandma! This is going to be great!! I'm so proud of you for being so tech savvy!! I love you!

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