Sunday, September 21, 2008

How We Two Became One

I became a coed at Utah State Agricultural College in the fall of 1946. I lived in the ladies' dorm on campus. I loved being in college. It was a different life since I had left my high school friends behind and was soon making all new friends. Becoming a member of the Chi Omega sorority made making friends much easier.

Rulon started college the same time as I did. This was good since he had a car. It was good just to know that he was around.

Bob and I met when I invited him to the sorority's spring formal. I had invited my high school boyfriend but he called to tell me that his mother had become quite ill and was in the hospital. Jane Johnson, an older sorority sister, knew Bob quite well. She thought we should get together and encouraged me to invite him. He accepted. This was a blind date!! (In the meantime the mother was feeling better and my boyfriend called to say that he would be able to come. I had to tell him that it was too late.) To make a long story shorter, we had a good time at the dance and then started dating.

Bob received a call to serve in the French mission in the spring of 1947. He and Martin both received calls. They left for their mission together and returned together. I attended the farewell with Bob's family. We hadn't made plans for the future, but did write to each other for a while. I had a date with Bob's friend, John Emmett; and then received a "dear John" letter from Bob. In the letter he said, "Those who love are lost and those who wait are left." Of course, I answered immediately and informed him that I wasn't "waiting" for anyone.

I enjoyed college. I majored in English and minored in French. I was an editor on the school paper and had dreams for a while of majoring in journalism and having a column of my own. I lived in the sorority house, but that's another story.

Bob returned from his mission but we had no contact for a while. He had made a list of girls he would date when he got home. I'm sure I wasn't on it. I remember the first time I saw him. He was picking up a girl at the house and I was leaving with my date. We passed on the steps. His girlfriend wasn't exactly "Miss America". After a while he started calling me and we got together again. He was attending the University of Utah, so our dates were on weekends, etc. In the little Layton theater, in the dark, on February 14th. he put an engagement ring on my finger. I had to go into the ladies' room to see it! Wasn't that romantic?

As I remember, our plans were that I would graduate, then enroll at the University of Utah and work on my Masters' degree and he would finish his pre-med requirements. I don't know what happened to that plan! Instead, we were married on August 18, 1950. I had a certificate to teach in secondary school and then obtained a certificate for elementary school.

We were married on one of the warmest days in August. We were in the Salt Lake temple ready, but Brother Sonne, who was supposed to perform the ceremony, was no where to be found. We waited at least two hours. I remember thinking that if all the people were not there with us, I would run out the door, take off the warm, warm gown I was wearing and just disappear.

We had a very nice reception that was held in the junior Sunday School room of our Church in Layton. Mother and her friends had decorated the room so that it was beautiful! Mother's cousin had decorated the cake with the temple on top. There was an organ in the room and Jay Welch, a missionary companion of Bob's, came and played it for some of the time. My good friend, Shirley Lamb also played. Many of my friends from the sorority were there and sang some of our songs during the evening. My grandpa Whitesides, his brother, my great Uncle Ed, and his wife, Aunt Mary, came and went through the line then sat on chairs right near our line for most of the evening. I thought it was a lovely evening!

The bridesmaid dresses were white organdy with pastel colored slips under them. June was my matron of honor, the other bridesmaids were my cousin, Barbara, my school friend Donna, and my college friend Marva. My cousin, Catherine Johnson, was the flower girl. Martin was best man for Bob.



Kera said...

Horray!! Thank you so much for telling the story of you and papa getting married. This is what I'm after. I learned so much!! Thank you and I love you!!

Debbie said...

We loved it. We are looking forward to the next posting. Hugs, Debbie.