Monday, September 15, 2008

BYU-Washington Game. I made it to the top of the bleachers!!

I thought we had arrived only to find that there were more stairs around the corner.
So, here we are in our seats at last and waiting for the game to begin. The seats were way up, but we had a great view of the lake dotted with all the different boats. We also had a good view of the field. And we were surrounded by a lot of BYU fans and did our best to make a lot of noise.
There were a lot of us there and the weather was perfect. This was taken after the final score - BYU 28, Washington 27. What a perfect ending!! It was worth the climb.

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Lucy's Life said...

Mom I put these pictures on. You can post the comments. I thought you might want to label the top one "climb every mountain" or I should have taken the elevator. There are some great pictures of your park and gardens that I wanted to find but I will have to ask Rodger where they are. Good first effort. This is going to be really fun to read. Jeanne