Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trip To Kirtland With Jeanne and Rodger

On Thursday, we started on our trip to Kirtland. The leaves were turning so there were many, many beautiful landscapes.

We stopped at the memorial to Flight 93. It was an interesting side trip. The people who have come here have made many different kinds of memorials. Some are small headstones, some are photos with names and dates, some are just cardboard with writing. Some are made by scout troops, some by veteran groups. Some by the relatives of the people who gave their lives. It's a strange feeling standing here and remembering what these people did and how many lives they saved by giving up their own lives. The Ranger posted here told us that they are trying to get enough money for a permanent memorial.

After we visited the visitors' center , we were shown around some of the sights owned by the Church. Our guides were two sister missionaries. They took us to the Whitney store, to a water powered saw mill, and to the Johnston's second home.

We left the Church owned sites and went to a cafe recommended by the missionaries. The food was delicious and the price couldn't be beat! After, we drove to a small town where the artist James Christensen was having a showing of some of his paintings and sculptors. That was interesting! But we learned that the the punch really had a punch to it. It was not apple juice! After, we found our hotel and called it a day!

The next morning, we visited the Kirtland temple. I was able to climb the many steps to the third floor. This was where the prophet had his office. The second floor had a room divided off from where the school of the prophets met. That room was a school room where anyone could come to attend school. They had all ages meeting there. The first, or main floor, was filled with rows of seats. There were three tiered rows of seats at each end of the building. The Melchizedek priesthood sat at the front of the building and the Aaronic priesthood seats were in the back. The guide told us that originally they had planned for canvass curtains to come down from the ceiling and divide the room into smaller rooms. He explained that a curtain came down in front of the Melchizedek priesthood seats, and that this was where the Savior appeared to Joseph and Oliver. He didn't mention that other angel prophets also appeared and brought back important keys. The building is in pretty good condition; but we wondered when it will again belong the the true and living Church.

This is on the Issac Morley property, we are standing on the supposed site of the schoolhouse. The prophet and Emma had a small log house on this property. We learned that Issac and his family followed the Saints to Nauvoo and then to the Salt Lake Basin. He was called by BrighamYoung to go to San Pete and colonize that very difficult area. He was truly a saint!

Dad looking over Chagrin Falls. We visited Chagrin and the falls. This was a quaint older city that has kept its charm. The buildings were old but in good condition and occupied. The falls were beautiful. We found the popcorn store and got us a cup of hot chocolate.

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